Flower Seeds
Flowers add beauty to the world. We provide an array of top varieties of leading annuals, perennials and ornamental plants like African Marigold, Calendula, Dahalia, Marigold French mix, Cabbage Ornamental, Verbena, Xenia, Salvia, Candytuft etc with consistently high germination rates.
Our main focus is selling flower varieties for the professional chains-bringing beauty to the world.


Other than the above we also provide several other varieties of flowers/Ornamental Plants like Portulaca, Hibiscus, Candytuft, Gerbera, Balsam, Ageratum, Gailardia, Cosmos, Lobelia, Celosia, Armeria, Carnation, Germanium, Begonia, Delphinium, Kochia, Petunia, Plumosa, Gazania etc.

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